Guitar Classes For Adults

Who says learning the guitar has an age limit? For adults who have been thinking about pursuing their long time goal of playing the guitar for years but never got around to it, guitar classes for adults may be just the thing to teach you the skill. Guitar classes for adults are targeted specifically at teaching working professionals how to learn the guitar.Adults learn differently than children. Adults are able to make judgments based on past experiences, they are better experienced at taking criticism, and they tend to be more patient and willing to ask questions as they learn. Learning in the same environment as children can be de-motivating and frustrating for adult learners. Making sure that adults learn with their peers is the best way to facilitate a desire to learn the guitar which will help the adult in following through with his or her goals.Guitar classes for adults are usually available through traditional institutions, independent tutors, or distance education tutorials. Traditional institutions include colleges, weekend / night schools, and brick and mortar guitar studios. These places will put on regular guitar lessons at pre scheduled times in one central location. Tutors and private instructors are usually people who are self employed and passionate about the guitar.A tutor / private instructor may or may not be affiliated with a larger school. Most guitar instructors do the job on the side in order to make a few extra bucks a month. Few guitar instructors / tutors can do their job full time. A third option for adult guitar students is correspondence courses. Correspondence courses can be taught at a distance and can be delivered in a variety of platforms including the Internet, snail mail, videos and DVDs.These courses will be most difficult for beginners because they will have no prior experience to base the lessons off of. The down side to learning an instrument through correspondence courses is that there is nobody else available to let you know if you are doing something right or wrong. Questions cannot be asked and matters cannot be clarified. Correspondence courses are best to be used as refresher courses for people who already have a basic understanding of guitar principles.No matter the type of format used to learn the guitar, a person can never be too old to learn how to play.

Adult Onset Acne – The Facts About Adult Onset Acne

As you get older, you think that your acne will just go away. Think again! Although it is typically associated with teenagers, it is a condition that can continue on our pastor teens and into adulthood. Here are a few simple suggestions that you can use to treat your adult onset acne.The disease of acne can cause several problems in adults, including social symptoms, physical, psychological symptoms. The same concerns from having regular or cystic acne, as a preteen or teenager, may still affect you as an adult. According to clinical studies, pimples have become a rising problem with adults.Many adults may find it hard to treat and also difficult to admit that they have acne at all causing them to not seek treatment. Most adults can actually have a more difficult time dealing with the many psychological effects because there are so many misconceptions that occur in our society.Some people who were affected by extreme cases, especially cystic acne, as teens do grow out of it. However, there are a surprising number of adults suffer from adult onset acne, a variety of that is becoming more academic everyday.Acne can also cause discomfort in social situations. It will lower their self-confidence. There is a enormous amount of information available about adult acne, and people who are afflicted with this condition. By seeking psychological counseling, they may be better be able to deal with the psychological effects.Adults need to be more careful with their skin, even more so than a young adult. Dermatologists have stated for years that an adult’s skin is actually more prone to scarring from acne due to loss of collagen as their skin ages. The scars can’t heal as effectively as they would on a teenager, and therefore become more prominent.So, there are adult acne cures available at your local store and even over-the-counter. The best solutions are typically prescribed by dermatologists. Once the awareness for this disease has increased, more people will be seeking medical help for their adult onset acne.

Teaching Music to Adults and Children – Why Use Different Methods to Teach the Same Subject?

In teaching music there is a perception that you need to teach adults with different methods than children. My experience is, that although you need to adapt to the maturity level for any given subject, the methods used to teach children can and are as effective for adults.Lets take the case where I learned the music master staff along with other adults and children.The Old
When I was young I was taught with the pneumonic methods of FACE and Every Good Boy Does Fine. Although it worked to a point it never went far enough to give a solid basis in recognition other than to relate lines and spaces and a word game.The New
Years later I started from scratch with a teacher promoting power learning techniques. The technique used was in story telling creating a new land that explored music. The story wove a tail of patterns and associations that put the entire master staff in perspective.The Testing
When I later talked about why the adults were taught with the children in this group setting, we discussed how she had tested teaching methods with adults.The conclusion of the test for adults with these two different methods revealed that the story had profoundly better results. The adults retention rate was far superior when using the abstract story.The Ego
The big concern with teaching adults is getting past ego. The trick is to use the same child teaching methods but without alienating the adults and their egos.Of course that takes tact, diplomacy, and persuasion in many cases to help the adult over their mind set.Experience – 15 plus years later
For me the story stuck far more than the academic logic approach. That’s how I teach it to others today. I can recall the story or a version similar to it with very little effort.Of course it’s more than just story telling. There are additional techniques, such as flash cards, that are used to reinforce the story and this concept of learning.Give it a go
So I submit that you might try your own hand at this idea. If you are an adult student, see if you can sit in on some child classes. Observe if you don’t have a new perspective on what you are learning.If you’re a teacher, invite your adults to participate in a child’s class or experiment with two sets of adults and test the results.If you have a method that works well with adults, share it with the rest of us. We’d like to consider it as well.Of course there is no way to please everyone. I believe the idea is to accomplish a quicker, faster, higher retention rate. Student and teacher satisfaction is really the goal, because with that your more likely to keep them coming back for more.